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Visionary Director of Indigenous Practices


CAAN Communities, Alliances & Networks (“CAAN”) provides a national forum for Indigenous Peoples to holistically address HIV and AIDS, HCV, STBBI, TB, Mental Health, aging and related co-morbidity issues; promotes a Social Determinants of Health Framework through advocacy; addresses mental health issues stemming from colonial trauma and lateral violence, and provides accurate and up to date resources on these issues in a culturally relevant manner for Indigenous Peoples wherever they reside.


The Visionary Director of Indigenous Practices (“VDIP”) will provide overall leadership, vision, and strategic direction to CAAN’s growing Indigenous initiatives, reach, and partners. The VDIP will strive to expand CAAN’s programs to Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. The Visionary Director of Indigenous Practices will oversee the planning, directorship, and implementation of CAAN’s Councils: Voices of Women (CAAN VOW), and the Indigenous Peoples with HIV and AIDS (“IPHAs”) and IPHC Leadership Councils. Supporting a visionary, innovative, and creative approach to contemporary Indigenous issues, the VDIP will develop, foster, and maintain meaningful, respectful and collaborative relationships with CAAN’s staff, Board Members, membership, and partners while working with the senior leadership team on expanding CAAN’s mandate and vision.   

The successful candidate for this position will:

• Administer, and build upon, the process of creating a strategic plan to ensure the plan is implemented across the organization using a collective and culturally safe approach. 

•Develop and identify growth strategies for CAAN.

•Revision and Indigenization of governance documents.

•Provide strategic, political, and legislative advice to the senior leadership team.

• Provide direction for CAAN’s Research Unit and Lodge of Wise Practices.

• Create, revise, and implement the Terms of Reference for CAAN’s Councils.

•Develop Position Statements with the Councils.

•Prepare reports and briefs for the senior leadership team regarding the Councils.

•Ensure that Council voices are represented at various tables, in campaigns, policy making, decision making, marketing, and more.

•Assist in any other work that will further the objectives of the Councils.

• Create and implement work plans and budgets.

• Work with CAAN staff leads to ensure that warrior societies are represented in all of CAAN’s work.

•Support in data gathering, sharing, and surveillance.

• Lead special projects related to research in conjunction with the Research Manager. 

•Relationship building with partners, government ministries organizations and communities.

•Other duties as required.


•A university degree, diploma, and a combination of training and experience in a discipline related to Indigenous communities, administration, or project management.

• Ability to work with diverse Indigenous populations and show appreciation for such diversity. 

•Understand CAAN’s mandate and goals and possess a strong background, knowledge, and experience of Indigenous organizations, communities, and traditions.

•Ability to adapt to evolving situations, as new funding opportunities arise.

• Be proficient in using Microsoft Office 365, as well as web-based applications including search engines and tools.

• Have an understanding of Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing.

• Practice in holistic, trauma-informed, client-centred and culturally safe paradigm.

•Excellent communication skills and cross-cultural communication experience.

•Excellent computer knowledge, filing, record keeping.

• Maintain a clear criminal background check. 

•Be able to work both independently and as a team member.

To apply, please send an email to CAAN’s Human Resources Manager at  with your up-to-date resume and cover letter detailing your suitability for the role. 

*Based on the Section 16(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act CHRA Everyone is encouraged to apply, however, preference will be given to applicants who self-identify as Indigenous and those with living experience of HIV and/or HCV.


•Dental care

•Disability insurance

•Extended health care

•Paid time off

•Vision care

•Wellness program

•Work fromhome

Application question(s):

•Do you have experience in developing strategic plans using a collective approach?

•What visionary exercises or projects have you developed?

•What is your leadership style?

•How do you keep yourself on track while working from home?

•What is yourunderstanding ofIndigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing?