Volunteering is more than the giving of your time – it is sharing our stories and gifts with each other to create the beautiful story of CAAN.

We are forever thankful for all of the generous work our volunteers have shared with us over the years, and we invite you to become part of that story!

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Confidentiality Agreement

All people who work with CAAN, even in the short-term, are required to sign a confidentiality form.

This form is intended to highlight and remind staff and volunteers about sensitive and private information exchanges. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all CAAN Members and do not disclose information about who may or may not be HIV positive or negative. Our role is to be present, act with discretion, and protect the privacy of our membership. Completing confidentiality forms is an act of integrity – a clear demonstration of a commitment to uphold organizational standards.

All volunteers will acknowledge their commitment to maintaining confidentiality by signing an agreement. This form will be presented to you during the ‘volunteer training,’ when you will have time to ask questions and get clarification before signing.

As a volunteer of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN), I agree not to disclose information of any nature or kind that comes to my knowledge respecting or relating to any client of CAAN or any program or service provided to such client, unless required by law. I acknowledge that this oath shall remain in force and effect during my volunteering with CAAN, and after my volunteering with CAAN has ended.

I acknowledge that all sensitive information and material which I have in my possession or of which I am cognizant, must be handled in the following manner to ensure that it will never fall into unauthorized hands:

  1. sensitive records or material must not be taken outside the confines of the office without the approval of the Executive. A record must be kept in the local CAAN Office of any reports, documents, files or other material taken out of the confines of the office for any purpose;
  2. after working hours, all sensitive records and material must be returned to the proper storage containers. No materials or records of this nature are to be kept in the volunteer’s desk after working hours;
  3. all information and material arising out of CAAN work is the property of CAAN, and must be kept in accordance with the provisions of (a) above. It must never be retained in a volunteer’s possession on termination of service with CAAN, and;
  4. all records and material in the possession of a volunteer must be turned into the Executive of CAAN prior to volunteering being complete.


  • “Records” means correspondence, memoranda or other papers, books, maps, plans, photographs, films, microfilms, sound records, tapes, computer diskettes or other information/image bearing material regardless of physical form or characteristics that are made, received or preserved by any volunteer of CAAN.
  • “Material” means equipment, apparatus and supplies.