May is National Aboriginal Hepatitis C Awareness Month

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada and Hepatitis Services, BC Centre for Disease Control are partnering on the National Aboriginal Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign having agreed upon a mutual desire to work together to recognize the diversity and rights of Aboriginal Peoples regardless of residency, including the rights of Aboriginal Peoples to access and benefit […]

CAAN’s Strategy Project Ancillary Event at CAHR 2014

This session will promote the Refining the Research Response: , initiate dialogue through an interactive presentation, and connect our target audiences including Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS (APHA) along with community, health service workers and researchers alike to inform a plan to get to zero in Aboriginal communities throughout Canada. Furthermore, our CAHR session will […]

CAAN Projects And Communications Update

Tansi, Congratulations to Canada for winning the Gold in Hockey in Sochi!!  As we wind down the 2013-2014 fiscal year, CAAN is once again gearing up for finalizing all of our year end reports, evaluations and also getting ready for conferences including: 1)the Annual General Meeting and Skills Building Workshops and 2) for the International […]

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