CAAN Evaluator Request for Proposals

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Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network


Request for Proposals for an

External Evaluator to undertake an

Integrated Evaluation


Organizational Overview


The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) provides a National forum for Aboriginal Peoples to holistically address HIV and AIDS, HCV, STBBIs, TB, Mental Health and related co-morbidity issues; promotes a Social Determinants of Health framework through advocacy; and provides accurate and up to date resources on these issues in a culturally relevant manner for Aboriginal Peoples wherever they reside.

CAAN’s main project is “The Home Fire” project which oversees multiple projects including women, youth, International Indigenous Working Group on HIV and AIDS, Community Readiness, Transgender project and other numerous campaigns throughout the year.  Funding comes from various sources, the majority of which come under the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada.

CAAN is seeking an external evaluator consultant to undertake an evaluation process that integrates the evaluation needs, issues, goals and objectives of our core programs and funded projects.

The four main objectives to achieve this goal are:

  1. To enhance collaboration and engagement amongst key stakeholders, and increase knowledge of prevention, education, care, treatment and support interventions that rely on evidenced based information about HIV and AIDS and other related communicable diseases to address them in a culturally appropriate manner.
  2. To increase public knowledge and awareness, through the development of HIV and AIDS and other related communicable diseases resources for awareness campaigns, population specific educational tools and social media.
  3. To enhance the capacity of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal front-line health and social service providers and organizations to plan and deliver programs and services to address HIV and AIDS and other related communicable diseases issues within their own territories, regions and communities;
  4. To increase the meaningful engagement of Aboriginal people in the collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders to address HIV and AIDS, and other communicable diseases for Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Statement of Work

CAAN understands the importance of effective process and outcomes evaluation and measurable indicators for analyzing the success of any given program. The type of information the project will collect to measure short-term and medium-term outcomes includes but is not limited to:

  • Was the project implemented as planned?
  • Did the project achieve its planned results?
  • Did the project meet the needs of the targeted audience?
  • How have partnerships, if any, contributed to the success of the project?
  • What lessons learned have emerged that can be used to improve the efficiency and economy of the project for the next phase?
  • How effective were the practices in sharing project results?
  • How can the results of this project be replicated and used as a model in other region

CAAN will utilize the following methods to collect information: testing the updated cultural materials with focus groups and sharing circles; evaluation surveys from workshops (having people at the workshops asking people), filling out surveys at events—Indigenous methodology, pre and post surveys, interviews with key stakeholders, and storytelling.  Participants, community members and partners, staff and organizations that have direct contact with the project will be interviewed or provided a questionnaire for their feedback. The results and subsequent report outlining recommendations will be used to determine next steps and will be shared with the members and stakeholder communities. We will have one staff person who coordinates this effort with a national evaluation team.

 Target Audience

CAAN Board of Directors, staff, Aboriginal People Living with HIV and AIDS (APHAS)and its members are the principle audience for the evaluation; secondary audiences include funders, aboriginal communities and organizations, governments, policy makers and service providers and organizations that service individuals living with HIV/AIDS

 Required Components of RFP

  • An evaluation methodology that serves the purpose of both assuring its on-going progress as well as the fulfillment of CAAN’s overall strategy is required
  • Clear identification of the evaluation steps
  • A detailed work plan, timeline and associated costs

Contractor Requirements:

  • Sound knowledge and practical demonstrated experience in conducting evaluation work;
  • Must plan organize and work with a national evaluation committee utilizing their guidance and expertise;
  • Strong familiarity with logic models and their application especially in the field of HIV and AIDS;
  • Ability to balance quantitative and qualitative information sources;
  • Ability to design and deliver survey and other instruments to collect data;
  • Ability to travel and work unsupervised;
  • Solid understanding of community development, its objectives and approaches, as well as capacity building;
  • Familiarity with Aboriginal HIV/AIDS issues; and
  • An understanding of the role of CAAN from a national perspective and the value of partnerships with other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations.

Please submit your resume and proposal to:

Merv Thomas, Director of National Programs and Communications

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

Ph: 604-266-7616

Fax: 604-266-7612



Deadline for RFPs: July 22, 2016 at 4pm. A copy of a recent and similar evaluation report is also beneficial.

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