Wise Practices Gathering

As part of The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, the Aboriginal HIV and AIDS Community-based Research Collaborative Centre’s (AHA Centre) comprehensive research agenda, the Wise Practices Research Gathering brings together diverse stakeholders in Aboriginal community-based HIV & AIDS research to share their knowledge and research findings. Four successful Gatherings have been hosted in 2006, 2008, 2011, and 2013 with representatives from across Canada as well as international delegates in attendance. The Wise Practices Gathering is one of the only events in Canada that highlights the incredible research work being done in Aboriginal HIV and AIDS community-based research (CBR) across the country. The goal of our Gathering has been to engage participants in a forum to discuss, share and model wise practices that are grounded in CBR and embody the lived experiences of Aboriginal people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

The conference format provides opportunities for:
• Multi-directional learning;
• Capacity building;
• Networking;
• Reflection;
• Sharing new and innovative integrated Knowledge Translation and,
• End-of- project research results, with a focus on the lived experiences of HIV & AIDS in the Aboriginal community.

Over the course of this two-day event, delegates participate in workshops and panel discussions that emphasize community-based research skill development, Knowledge Transfer and Exchange opportunities, and the dissemination of research findings. Wise Practices allows CAAN the opportunity to articulate its understanding of Indigenous peoples’ ways of knowing the world to its members, and the Aboriginal HIV CBR community.

As an organization, CAAN continues to develop and nurture our research capacity; we see this gathering as one way of sharing what we have learned with our community. Through Wise Practices, we bring research closer to our membership and the communities we serve allowing CAAN as an organization to contribute to real change in our communities.

Webcast Recordings from the 2013 Gathering

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