Walk With Me Manual

Walk With Me

Walk with Me Pathways to Health Harm Reduction Service Delivery Model For Aboriginal Women, Aboriginal Youth, Aboriginal People who are or have been in Prison and Aboriginal Two-Spirit Men


The overall goal of this Harm Reduction project is to advance CAAN’s previous work towards refining a culturally safe Harm Reduction service delivery model. The model is comprehensive, holistic and inclusive of the components of assessment, prevention, implementation and evaluation. This model has been designed to be diverse, and meets the needs of four target groups: Aboriginal Women, Aboriginal Youth, Aboriginal People who are or have been in Prison, and Aboriginal Two-Spirit men.

This culturally appropriate Harm Reduction model serves as a resource guide for service providers, communities, policy makers, and leaders. Groups may use the model to enhance their existing services or to learn more about Harm Reduction for Aboriginal people with respect to vulnerability to acquiring Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Four training modules have been developed to address the needs of each of the four target groups. The strategies used may be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that client’s needs are being met as the needs of the community/clients change. This document works together with the four training modules which provide a more practical hands-on version of information.

The development of this model has been conducted through focus groups that have provided the voice of experience. The work completed has been guided by a Harm Reduction National Steering Committee comprised of experts in HIV/AIDS and addictions.

Download Walk With Me Manual – English (52 pages)

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