Joining Hands Around the World

By Trevor Stratton, IIWGHA Coordinator Did you know that Indigenous Peoples largely represent the most marginalized and poorest subpopulations, not only in Canada, but also in the entire world? This truth became clearer to me here in Bangkok, Thailand during my participation at the 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion hosted by the International […]

Assessing Community Readiness Update

By Monique Fong, Assessing Community Readiness Coordinator, and Ed Bennett, Community Readiness Project Supervisor Fall is in the air! The days are getting shorter and children, teens and young adults are back in school. This summer was extremely busy for the Community Readiness project and the next few months are sure to be the same. […]

CAAN’s Research Initiatives – a National Endeavour

The flames have been lit, and embers of research are burning bright across the country in small little pockets. Little clusters of communities, organizations and academics, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, have come together to learn what community-based research (CBR) is all about. We are learning in a positive way from one another on how to […]

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