CEO Newsletter update

Ken Clement The summer months have been busy with the exciting conferences held in Durban, South Africa, the release of the Promising Practices documentary, and the initial planning for the Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2016.  Other big events include the Global Replenishment meeting, which raised US $12.9 billion raised to address AIDS, Hep C and […]

Promising Practices in Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan Report

Merv Thomas CAAN produced and released the first of two planned twenty-two (22) minute documentaries entitled Promising Practices in Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan. The film was initially pre-screened in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in July, 2016 and later screened at the International AIDS Conference in Durban South Africa in July 2016.  It is currently being marketed to […]

Doctors Call for State of Emergency to Address HIV and AIDS in Saskatchewan

Monique Fong-Howe On September 19th, 2016, physicians from Saskatchewan along with Chief Felix Thomas of the Saskatoon Tribal Council, Vice Chief Kim Jonathan of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and Danita Waypoosewyan made a statement asking the Regional Government of Saskatchewan to declare a state of emergency to address HIV and AIDS.  The group […]

CAAN National Transgender Project

Project Coordinator Arthur Dave Miller It was with great excitement that the CAAN National Transgender Project,  Sharing Our Wisdom, a Gender Diverse Project with a Focus on Trans, was launched in November of 2015. The response to the project has been overwhelming with an enormous amount of interest across Canada!!!!!! The project examines how current […]

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