Chief Executive Officer’s Message

By Ken Clement Hello and a happy spring everyone, May you all experience good health, happiness and peace. The past few months have been very busy and filled with many year-end reporting and funding renewal activities. The projects have compelled the CAAN team to think critically while bringing us together to make a difference in […]

National Programs and Communications Update

By Merv Thomas, National Programs/Communications Manager Tansi! Welcome to our new and updated website, we hope you enjoy the new look and of course enjoy our many new materials and resources that have been recently updated and newly released. As we move on, we trust that this new site will meet your needs and that […]

Highlights of CAAN’s Research Initiative

By Renee Masching, Research and Policy Manager CAAN’s research agenda is driven by our membership of Aboriginal people living with HIV and AIDS and Aboriginal organizations. Key areas of focus have included: access to care, treatment and support; stigma and discrimination; mental health and women’s needs. CAAN has led more than a dozen research projects […]

Peace and Dignity – HIV and AIDS Staff Journey to Guatemala

By Merv Thomas On December 1st, 2011 at the Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week in Ottawa, Ontario, the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, on behalf of the Aboriginal People Living with HIV and AIDS presented the HIV and AIDS staff to the Peace and Dignity Journeys bundle.  This staff was presented to the bundle in the hopes […]

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