CAAN Projects And Communications Update

Tansi, Congratulations to Canada for winning the Gold in Hockey in Sochi!!  As we wind down the 2013-2014 fiscal year, CAAN is once again gearing up for finalizing all of our year end reports, evaluations and also getting ready for conferences including: 1)the Annual General Meeting and Skills Building Workshops and 2) for the International […]

Sharing our Knowledge in new ways

By Marni Amirault When I came to CAAN, I had finished a Masters of Arts in Anthropology which focused on Aboriginal filmmaking and media. It was my hope that I would be able to bring to my skill and knowledge set to my role at CAAN. Interest in Arts-based research is growing in our community, […]

Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy on HIV and AIDS

Excitement is building for the development and implementation of the Indigenous strategy in Saskatchewan.  As the rates of HIV and AIDS within this province continue to rise, it is important that targeted culturally appropriate messaging, and programs and services be developed and overseen by a provincial council to ensure that the needs of the Aboriginal […]

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