Update from the CEO’s Office

By Ken Clement Hello All, We will soon enjoy summer with fun in the sun, time with family and cultural gatherings across Canada. Gatherings will highlight the social and cultural connection to family and community. Have fun as you participate in many different activities with your families. Staff has been busy planning for future funding […]

Director of National Programs and Communications Update

By Merv Thomas Director of National Programs and Communications Update As we make our final preparations for the Annual General Meeting we want to acknowledge all of our volunteers that sit on our many national committees for the excellent service they provide to the HIV and AIDS movement in Canada. We cannot do our work […]

Meaningful Engagement of HIV-Positive Indigenous Women in Research – They Have to Want To Be There!!

by Doris Peltier National Coordinator – Visioning Health II Visioning Health was “a healing journey”, “good medicine”, “inner healing”, “a powerful journey”, “healing in lots of ways” ~ VH I HIV-Positive Indigenous Women As most of you already know, in July 2015, after two years and two submissions, and many hours of hard dedicated work, […]

Aboriginal Women and Leadership – Honoring Indigenous Women and Children

By Monique Fong I want to begin this article with a quote: “The Western patriarchal paradigm paints Indigenous women as vulnerable; unworthy of value or respect. We know better. We know that we as lifegivers are strong, resilient, and capable of great things. This document is proof of that. It’s time to move forward – […]

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