Chief Executive Officer’s Message

By Ken Clement Hello Friends, I hope that you are all enjoying the Winter Season, embracing the cold and fighting the flu. Just rest, take fluids and keep warm! We were saddened to hear that David Lee and Dolan Badger were called to the Spirit World. They were strong advocates of the Aboriginal HIV movement […]

National Programs and Communications Update

By Merv Thomas, Director National Programs/Communications CAAN Expanded Mandate We are pleased to announce that CAAN will be expanding its mandate to begin including other Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections (STBBIS), Hepatitis C (Hep C), Tuberculosis (TB), co-morbidities, aging and mental health.  Since the adoption of key resolutions by the membership at the last AGM, […]

Highlights Of CAAN’S Research Initiatives

by Renee Masching, Research and Policy Manager CAAN Research is Driven by Our Membership In a relatively short period time CAAN’s Research and Policy Unit (RPU) has grown from a few projects that helped us to learn about research into a well respected and very busy team of full- time and part-time researchers and trusted […]

AHA Centre Update

Marni Amirault and Sherri Pooyak, Community-based Research Managers (CBRMs) January 2013 Well, here we are. We’ve all (hopefully) survived the advent of the new Mayan calendar and the transition from 2012 to 2013. With the pause of the holiday season now behind us, we are rolling up our sleeves at CAAN as we settle deeper […]

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