Ken Clement
By Ken Clement

Hello Friends,

I hope that you are all enjoying the Winter Season, embracing the cold and fighting the flu. Just rest, take fluids and keep warm!

We were saddened to hear that David Lee and Dolan Badger were called to the Spirit World. They were strong advocates of the Aboriginal HIV movement in Canada and provided a passionate voice to ending stigma and discrimination. We will always remember them for their fight for social and human rights justice. To their many friends we offer our prayers during this difficult time.

At the last AGM we were given direction to move towards a holistic approach to HIV, other sexually transmitted and blood born infections and to related health factors, such as chronic disease, mental health, and aging. A holistic approach must include attention to the non-medicinal, cultural and spiritual determinants of health. We have taken steps to include these changes while recognizing the valuable experiences of those in the moment. A holistic approach should provide better care, treatment and support healthy outcomes.

AGM planning is underway. The theme “Circle of Life: Holistic Healing Begins With Us” recognizes that strong communities and families begins with strong, healthy Individuals. You are encouraged to look at as the required applications are online for completion. Put together an abstract for presentation.

Thank you to a professional and caring staff who are the key to success and I thank them for their dedication. To the Board who provide leadership and guidance on our journey.


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