By Ken Clement

Hello Friends,

Spring is finally here – the days are getting longer and it’s a time to enjoy the changing season.

As we make the shift from winter, it is also about preparing for this year’s AGM which will be hosted in Vancouver. As final arrangements are being completed, we look forward to reconnecting with you, our friends from across the country.

Year end reports kept us all busy and were submitted to our funders. This is a time consuming process and staff worked diligently to complete them. But as we look ahead, it’s important to reflect on our theme for this year, “Circle of Life: Holistic Healing Begins with Us”. It reminds us that healthy people make strong Aboriginal communities. We have had opportunities through projects and programs to make these individuals stronger and are pleased to work with other diseases to support APHAs. There is a need to look at mental health and aging issues that impact the lives of all of us.

The Research department has been taking on a huge leadership role in their field, engaging in a variety of research initiatives across Canada. They are eager to share their findings , which can be found on our website, and I am proud at the progress Aboriginals are making in this area.

I would mostly like to remind people that the theme of our meeting this year should extend well past the few days we spend together. We at CAAN expect the new holistic care mandate to become a permanent model as we address the many outside factors that influence HIV and AIDS.

From everyone at CAAN I’d like to wish you all a happy spring and summer season and see you at our AGM. For updates, resources and further CAAN information, visit our website at

In Solidarity,


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