Ken ClementBy Ken Clement

Hello and a happy spring everyone,

May you all experience good health, happiness and peace.

The past few months have been very busy and filled with many year-end reporting and funding renewal activities. The projects have compelled the CAAN team to think critically while bringing us together to make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal people in Canada. The recent government cutbacks throughout the health and well-being of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters has brought concern as we witnessed the cutting of funding to many of the national Aboriginal organizations, but CAAN will continue and strive to work with those organizations in every capacity that we can.

We must never give up hope to address the many challenges that we face as Aboriginal people and ensure that one day we enjoy the same socioeconomic status of our non-Aboriginal counterparts.  It is our hope that one day the incidence rates of HIV and AIDS in our communities will fall and HIV and AIDS will no longer take a toll on many Aboriginal people.  Yes, there have been many positive strides in the non-Aboriginal community but the challenges faced by Aboriginal people are often overwhelming but we can and must address those challenges in the spirit of hope.  And YES WE CAAN!!

This spring we have worked diligently with the funders to try and work through the funding gaps.  Critical work must still continue as we prepare for the International AIDS Conference to be held in Washington DC for the pre-conference from July 20 – 22 and through the IAC Conference from July 23 – 27, 2012.

Some of our staff and consultants are still on stand-by as we wait for funding to be approved and budgets released in order to carry out the work.

We thank the Board of Directors for their continual support and commitment to the work of CAAN. Thank you to all the staff for their commitment and dedication and for ensuring that all the work gets completed in a timely manner.

We at CAAN are very excited for what this year has to offer and are looking forward to sharing the details with you in the future. And of course we hope and trust that you like our new and improved updated website.

In Solidarity,


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