By Arthur Dave Miller and Amy Mawdsley

Documenting Lessons and Measuring Progress towards Global HIV/TB/ Hepatitis C Targets in Indigenous Communities.

Amy Mawdsley, Patrick Brownlee and myself worked diligently to coordinate this project and it is with great hopes that we will be able to develop a document in the upcoming year with the assistance of Dr. Clive Aspin.

This project responds to the need for documenting and sharing of domestic and international best and promising practices/approaches that demonstrate results toward meeting global HIV, TB, and hepatitis C reduction targets. It will provide opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, researchers, and policy makers to develop recommendations to strengthen and align monitoring and evaluation systems to track results across the continuum of care. It is also expected that this project will support Canada’s commitment to addressing the disproportionate impact of HIV, TB, and hepatitis C in Indigenous communities and will guide Canada’s effort to make headway toward meeting global targets related to HIV, TB, and hepatitis C by 2030.

We had a very successful Meeting in Ottawa Ontario where we engaged 14 different Countries. This meeting also included National, Regional, Local Organizations and Government officials. The working Group for this Project is made up of over 45 Global participants.

Dr. Clive Aspin has the enviable task of developing a foundational document entitled “Documenting Lessons Learned”. This document will be shared with all stakeholders including the World Health Organization, at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam in 2018 and with other countries globally.

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