By Shawna Morrison

We at CAAN are thrilled to be introducing two of our new staff members in print for those who were unable to meet them at our recent events. Joining our Research and Policy Unit, we are pleased to welcome Carrielynn Lund.

Carrielynn is a Métis consultant who has a degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music and a Master’s degree in Social Work. Her primary focus is on assisting Aboriginal communities in identifying and addressing health and social issues that have a negative impact on children and their families. She has an extensive experience with committee work, including the Aboriginal Healing Foundation (Treasurer), the Canadian Institute of Health Research Standing Ethics Committee and the Health Canada/Public Health Agency of Canada Research Ethics Board. Carrielynn is frequently invited to speak to government employees, academics and communities about Aboriginal ethics and community-based research. Her most recent research coordinator experience includes working with CIETcanada leading the Aboriginal Community Resilience to AIDS and other blood-borne viruses (seven years) and Pavement Stories – Life on the streets after 40. She is excited to have joined our amazing CAAN team and to be a part of such an important and much needed project. Please contact feel free to contact her at anytime if you would like information about this new project and how you may be able to participate –

Also joining us in our Research Strategy Development project is Shawna Morrison.

Shawna Morrison into our Research Strategy Development project.

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