By Carrielynn Lund, Research and Policy The Family Matters project serves as a response to a request from our membership to find out which programs and services are available for families living with/affected by HIV. So far, a preliminary literature has been completed and an ongoing search to the completion of the research to make best efforts to include as much as possible in the final review. We are happy to have hired three Community Research Associates (CRAs) to assist with the project. They include Rakiya Larkin from Victoria, Ashley Norton of Regina and Dennis Danforth from Ottawa. However, our team is still in search of individuals to fill a number of other CRA positions across Canada. You may find this employment opportunity posted online at A programmatic nation-wide survey will be launched at the end of August and will also be available on our website, as well as through other HIV-related organizations and ASOs across the country. It should also be noted that we`ll be holding Storytelling Circles in each of the four regions throughout the months of September and October to collect stories from those living with/affected by HIV. The focus will be around the access, or lack thereof, of programs these individuals want or need. For more information, please contact Carrielynn Lund, project coordinator at

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