The National Indigenous Youth Council on Sexual Health and HIV (NIYCSHA) recently changed its name to include sexual health in our name to reflect our new framework of a holistic approach.

Holistic care as defined by the National Indigenous Youth Council on Sexual Health and HIV (NIYSCHA) means and includes:

  • mental health, healthy relationships, sexual health (reproductive health), emotional/spiritual health, harm reduction (inclusive of substance use, food, physical activities), other STI’s, self-care, address violence, land/environmental health (learning how the land can take care of us bodily wise; land based teachings), traditional medicines, reconnecting with our elders (intergenerational), housing, systems of “care”, means of living (including job security, trapping rights, etc) 

Sexual health is an integral part of the Youth Council’s work both as a Council and in communities and we see this as a positive step forward to recognize the many ways we intersect sexual health issues and realities with young people.

Welcoming (back) Youth Council members!

NIYCSHA is excited to announce the newest member of our Youth Council in British Columbia, Preston Leon!

“Described as a “Baby of Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) youngest leader” by his peers, Preston Leon made his way into the world of HIV and AIDS by being diagnosed at a young 16 years of age and maintaining a huge reputation for speaking about it, blogging about the safety and risks of HIV.

As an entrepreneur and speaker, Preston offers verbal support to Chiefs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and mayors. An assistant administrative office manager, Preston always had a love for things that were neat and orderly. Being a true Cancer, Preston combined his love for a tightly run office with his love for technology. Preston’s passion is helping people integrate blogging awareness, email awareness, social networking awareness, and social media awareness into the safely and warning of the HIV epidemic.

Born in Kamloops British Columbia, Preston was raised in Burns Lake British Columbia where he still resides and has a large family. In his spare time, Preston loves to travel to warm places with palm trees.”

We’re also excited to announce the return of a Youth Council member from the Yukon, now in the position of Mentor on NIYCSHA:

“Martin Morberg is from the Tlingit and Northern Tutchone nations in the Yukon Territory. He currently lives in Victoria, BC and was the first member from the Yukon on the National Indigenous Youth Council on Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS. He is passionate about youth leadership and will be taking the role of Youth Mentor with us! Let’s welcome Marty back to the Youth Council in his new role!”

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