Ken Clement

Ken Clement

Hello Friends, Spring is here for most of Canada and the new season always allows us to prepare for a busy time ahead… at the time of this writing snow continues to fall gently in Ontario and Nova Scotia so they will need some time to chill out.

As usual the team is busy at various meetings and gatherings representing CAAN in all phases of work.  Of special note Trevor Stratton is at the United Nations representing Indigenous interests; Jessica Danforth is leading Aboriginal interns in student exchanges in various overseas countries.  Arthur Miller is busy supporting the Durban 2016 AIDS conference in July.  Monique is assisting in moving the Saskatchewan Enhancement project forward, Ed is preparing for the National Hepatitis C campaign and the management team is busy getting all of our year-end reporting completed.  Congrats to the team for your active representation on many committees across the land.  Patrick Bownlee will take the lead for all AGM related activities.

We were sad but happy at the same time that Tara took on a new job which will expand her opportunities.  She was a special person who coordinated and supported CAAN in a respectful and responsible way.  On behalf of CAAN we want to wish her well in her new endeavors.

I am pleased to announce that Rodney Little Mustache will be joining the CAAN team as a summer student as CAAN was successful in obtaining Aboriginal Community Career & Employment Services funding.

We are busy working on the Community Action Fund proposal  (Public Health Agency of Canada) which will include HIV and Hepatitis C in the work moving forward.   This is an opportunity to ensure that Aboriginal leadership/voice is central to this important work. I have been impressed with the open and supportive work being led by Aboriginal agencies across Canada.  As we move forward it is about improving the health status of Aboriginal People and that must be the focus of our work.   We will keep you posted on the proposal submission.

A reminder to complete your AGM registrations,  and if you can identify a nominee for one of the Awards.  Registrations deadline is April 28, 2016.

I hope to see you all soon.

Ken Clement

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.