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HIV Basics Backgrounder

Personal Bill of Rights

Self Assessment postcard

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Getting Tested Posters

Get Tested Poster

HIV is not  a death sentence

HIV is different now

Get tested for HIV

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Strong Medicine is an educational video developed by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network and CATIE, with and for Indigenous people living with HIV.

By weaving together Indigenous knowledges of culture and wellness and Western knowledge of HIV testing and treatment, this video shares accurate information about HIV testing and treatment. It encourages people to get tested and to start, resume or stay on HIV treatment for their own health and wellness. This video is a positive and supportive educational tool for all Indigenous people living with HIV and those affected by HIV. It can be viewed in its entirety or in chapters. 

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Pre and Post Test Counseling Checklist

Pre and Post Counseling Guide background document

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Take me to Your Leader Backgrounder

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Criminalization of HIV

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Stigma and Discrimination 

Section Ten

‘Promising Practices in Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan’
Addressing HIV and stigma with cultural practices and evidence-based methods

Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan, that are experiencing HIV/AIDS rates 11 times the national average, among the highest in the world.  Faced with stigma and discrimination, a few communities in Canada are taking great initiative in their own their health care. Using cultural practices along with evidence-based methods, they are making great strides in addressing the epidemic.  We interviewed community leaders, First Nations AIDS service organizations, HIV positive activists and family of those affected, for a human perspective on the health crisis.  The film was created as an educational tool, which became a story of hope and insight, with strong emotional impact.  It is the hope of the film’s creators that this will impress other first nations communities, to address HIV/AIDS and encourage testing, treatment, prevention and acceptance. 

No Shame – Jason Q Lawrence
Music Video

A music video with scenes from CAAN’s film, ‘Promising Practices in Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan’.  Content includes a strong focus on acceptance and inclusion, addressing stigma and discrimination with culture.

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Assessing Community Readiness In Indigenous Communities

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Kids HIV Travel Club

Medicine of Metis Music Participant

Night Out Survival Kit

Night Out Survival Plus Kit

Risk Have You Ever

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