The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) Board of Directors is pleased to advise that Renée Masching, Director of Research and Policy, will be serving as Chief Executive Officer on an interim basis. The appointment begins Monday, January 28, 2019, following the departure of CEO, Ken Clement, announced last week. She will act on behalf of CAAN with full signing authority and organizational representation.


A comprehensive and open process to find a new, permanent CAAN CEO is underway. The CAAN Board of Directors will work in consultation with the staff and membership to find a candidate well-positioned to lead the organization.


Ms. Masching joined the CAAN staff in September 2005 and became the Director of Research and Policy in 2009. She has extensive experience in senior management from a career spanning more than 22 years. Prior to working with CAAN, she held the position of Executive Director of Healing Our Nations representing the Atlantic region locally, regionally and nationally. Renée is supported by a strong staff team and we expect limited disruption in program and research activities.


SOURCE Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

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