By Bryan Sparrow, Intern Student

This summer proved to be another success for me back at CAAN as I returned for my fifth year at the Musqueam head office. I noticed a very large change in my role in the four months I spent there this time around, and it was great to look back at how far I’ve come, starting out as a 16-year-old who knew virtually nothing about the HIV and AIDS movement.

More than ever I felt like I was able to implement my journalism skills from Ryerson into my daily tasks at CAAN. Writing press releases, drafting letters and emails and editing the website were all things I’d done before, but never outside school. Although challenging at times, the work was much more enjoyable in the long run and allowed me to have a taste of what corporate life might be like after I graduate.

During my trip to Toronto with a handful of our staff also allowed me to use my training in journalism school to shine as I helped put together our organization’s position paper for an upcoming project. Being able to experience a trip like this was extremely special because it’s not very often that our nation-wide staff can come together and work almost effortlessly to produce such a powerful document. Having the opportunity to be a part of creating the Home Fire was definitely a highlight of my summer and something I wish to see blossom in the future.

Working at CAAN again this summer was the training I needed as I geared up for my final year of my undergrad. With a couple more skills and experiences under my belt, I felt really prepared as I got on the subway for my second last semester at Ryerson, and I’m so grateful for everything I learned in the four months I spent at the office again.

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