Teepee in the Global Village

Teepee at the Global Village, Washington, DC

Indigenous Peoples Networking Zone is an Official Global Village Activity for the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012)

 July 20, 2012 Washington, DC, USA The International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS has been selected to participate in the Global Village at the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) taking place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. from July 22 – 27, 2012. The theme of the Indigenous Peoples Networking Zone selected activity will be “Indigenous Circle: Decolonizing HIV & AIDS“, providing an opportunity for the public to understand the epidemic from an Indigenous perspective, while functioning as an Indigenous zone for delegates to showcase their wise (best) practices, methodology, personal experience and share Indigenous knowledge. Additionally, it was one of only 280 Global Village activities accepted for inclusion in the AIDS 2012 program out of over 1,000 submissions. This will be the first time ever that Indigenous issues will be on the main agenda at an International AIDS Conference.  “We have worked hard to be seen and to be heard and we are thrilled to finally be part of the main events.” said Ken Clement, IIWGHA Co-Chair (Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network). Many Indigenous people throughout the world continue to fall behind in receiving universal access to prevention, care, treatment and support. HIV is disproportionately distributed across Indigenous people, and it hits hardest in areas with structural, economic, and social development challenges are greatest. Despite this over-representation, most governments have paid little attention to the relationship between Indigenous peoples and HIV, and Indigenous peoples have had limited opportunity to come together to discuss their common issues, to support each other, and share best practices. The overall goal of IWGHA is to strengthen the collaborations and partnerships between Indigenous communities and stakeholders in the fight against HIV AIDS. “We hope to make new friends on Mother Earth as we band together with AIDS 2012 to fight the looming tide of HIV & AIDS”, said IIWGHA Co-Chair Ken Clement (Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network), “This is a historic event for Indigenous peoples in the sector of HIV & AIDS. To bring attention to an under explored vulnerable population – To See and Be Seen.” Media Contact: Ken Clement                                                  Trevor Stratton, +1 778-867-7616                                            +1 416 999 3250, IIWGHA Co Chair                                          Coordinator@iiwgha.org 6520 Salish Drive Vancouver, BC V6N 2C7 Canada

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