InternationalBy Merv Thomas, National Programs Communications Manager

It is only just over one month that the International AIDS Conference will be held in Washington, DC.  With no funding in place yet, plans continue to be made by the IIWGHA for the pre-conference, the global village and the International conference itself.

Much work has been accomplished with this project.  CAAN continues to lead the IIWGHA and with this leadership comes many challenges.  Language barriers, multiple time zones are overcome through the willingness and dedication of all the IIWGHA members.

CAAN and its partners have greatly increased Indigenous and Aboriginal issues regarding HIV and AIDS on a global scale.  This will be the first year that there will be allotted time on the main agenda itself for Indigenous peoples.  As well, there is a dedicated space within the global village and the networking zone to promote and gather wise practices currently being conducted within the respective countries.  CAAN will be sharing its knowledge and gathering knowledge to promote within Canada.

This year’s IAC conference will be held in July 23-27, 2012.

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