Request for Proposal
6 months (August 1st to January 30, 2020) Term
$25,000 total contract

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) provides a National forum for Indigenous Peoples to wholistically address HIV/AIDS, HCV, STBBIs, TB, Mental Health and related co- morbidity issues; promotes a Social Determinants of Health framework through advocacy; and provides accurate and up to date resources on these issues in a culturally relevant manner for Indigenous Peoples wherever they reside.

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week, is scheduled every year starting on December 1st and is an opportunity to:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS
  • Establish ongoing prevention and education programs in Indigenous communities
  • Address common attitudes that may interfere with prevention, care and treatment activities
  • Reduce HIV/AIDS – related stigma and discrimination.

Tasks to be accomplished:

  • Develop a steering committee to provide guidance and direction to the project;
  • Coordinate regular steering committee meetings, including creating an agenda and preparing and distributing meeting minutes;
  • Engage with CAAN Management and Staff as required for the success of the project and to ensure a collaborative strategic organizational approach i.e. update in weekly staff meetings;
  • Collaboratively develop the theme and creative design concept for AAAW 2019, and inform CAAN Management of required RFPs for sub-contractors for possible PSA development; translation and production;
  • Collaborate with CAAN’s Finance and Logistics Coordinator
  • Develop AAAW campaign materials, posters, and marketing materials (in collaboration with CAAN Communications Coordinator)
  • Incorporate evaluation processes throughout planning and for events;
  • Promote campaign through CAAN’s website and by sending to group email list and mass mail out, especially to On-Reserve audiences, such as Community Health Centres, National Native Addictions Workers;
  • Provide the logistical and technical support required to host a launch event to officially launch AAAW (planned for Dec 2 in Ottawa, ON) to include a press release on December 1, and issue press statements on each subsequent day (6 total);
  • Identify, and work closely with CAAN’s Communications team and management to secure advertising within various newspapers, radio stations, city based and Indigenous newspapers / publications, and other mass media outlets, including Facebook and other social networks;
  • Support local activities by promoting resources to plan an AAAW event in community and by working with Program Lead staff to address key populations and issues;
  • Prepare a final report for the event, incorporating evaluation.

How to submit a proposal:

  • Interested people should submit the following, no later than July 26, 2019 to, or by mail to: 6520 Salish Drive, Vancouver, BC, V6N2C7; or by fax to 604.266.7612; attention Renee Masching, a/Chief Executive Officer.
  1. A proposal describing your qualifications and how the tasks described above would be carried out;
  2. Resumes of all individuals involved in the project;
  3. Names, phone numbers and contact people of three nonprofit organizations who you have worked with in a professional capacity either as an employee or as a consultant, during the last 18 months, with whom we can call upon as references.
  4. Interviews with finalists will be held during the week of July 29th, 2019.
(604) 266-7616
Vancouver, BC V6N 2C7