CJACBR Volume 3 (2010)

The Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research (CJACBR) is published annually by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) as a service to its membership and anyone with an interest in Aboriginal Community-Based Research.

Purpose and Audience:

The CJACBR is a peer-reviewed journal which welcomes contributions from any author. Priority however, may be given to an author of Aboriginal ancestry/background, should manuscripts of comparable quality be available. First consideration will be given to innovative articles covering areas identified as HIV/AIDS research-intensive which demonstrates the use of Aboriginal Community-Based Research (ACBR) methods or philosophy. Articles published in CJACBR are directed toward several audiences.The primary audience is Aboriginal HIV/AIDS service organizations and Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs). The CJACBR secondary audiences include community leaders, policy and decision-makers, and anyone with an interest in HIV/AIDS, particularly within Aboriginal populations and communities.

Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community – Based HIV/AIDS Research Volume 3

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