Laverne Gervais

“Sisters of Fire attended another year of the Manitoba AIDS Walk 2016. We created a new banner for ourselves and we were honuoured to open the event with a prayer. It was a beautiful day and truly a gift to be surrounding by so many in our community who are as committed to HIV education and work as we are.”

Ka Ni Kanichihk just held their 14th annual AGA. Sisters of Fire were able to not only present some of our work but we were also able to promote a tool Ka Ni Kanichihk has been working on in collaboration with the 595 called “Routine Practices at Indigenous Ceremonies”. It’s a guide for those who deliver ceremonies like sweats and sundances. It talks about myths and gives tips on how to keep safe and support our relatives who are living with HIV and Hep C who want to participate in ceremony’s that involve activities like flesh offerings. (Copies are available on the Ka Ni Kanichihk website).

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