Aboriginal Strategy on HIV/AIDS II (ASHAC II)


Aboriginal Strategy On HIV/AIDS In Canada II

The HIV and AIDS epidemic within the Aboriginal population in Canada threatens the ongoing health and stability of our peoples. The complexity of the epidemic demands a strategic and thoughtful response grounded in meaningful and culturally relevant actions.

The Aboriginal Strategy on HIV/AIDS in Canada (ASHAC) was first proposed in 2003 based upon consultation and discussion with 173 people and a literature review. The result was a strategy document with two broad goals and nine strategic areas envisioned to set a course for the next five years.

As ASHAC is renewed for another five years through 2014, new ideas are presented for consideration and original strategic responses remain relevant. ASHAC II is offered as a resource to all of the stakeholders involved in the response to HIV and AIDS within the Aboriginal community. Strategic areas and related objectives offer direction.

All of us share responsibility for its implementation. It is laid out to highlight strategic areas for action with key objectives and overall outcomes. Following  the outline of the strategic areas there are suggestions for how various ‘sectors’ can engage to move the work of the strategy ahead.

Download ASHAC – English (26 pages)

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