I. Pre and Post Test Counseling Guide

Pre and Post HIV Test Counselling Guide: Aboriginal Community and Health Care Professionals

HIV pre-test and post-test discussions for Aboriginal community health care professionals and representatives.  In the Aboriginal community counselling before and after being tested for HIV is a great opportunity to share important health information that can save lives.

By using this guide community health care professionals may improve client service skills by:

  1. Understanding informed consent and its implications.
  2. Have a good understanding of the diagnosis of HIV and the implications to the client.
  3. Understand the implications of a possible disclosure of a positive result.
  4. Understanding the importance of pre and post HIV test counselling.
  5. Knowing how to give both negative and positive results.
  6. Have an understanding of anxiety, depression and suicide.

 Download Pre and Post HIV Test Counselling Guide – English (24 pages)

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