IV. Evaluation Handbook a Guide for Aboriginal Organizations

Download here:  Evaluation-Handbook-English

1. Introduction

The purpose of this handbook was to produce a basic Handbook designed to support the communities of practice of CAAN to assist in planning their own program evaluation processes. For the purposes of this Handbook, Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of people in organizations that form to share what they know, to learn from one another regarding some aspects of their work and to provide a social context for that work. The Handbook has therefore been put together for those identified communities
where evaluation activities are required as part of the learning and accountability process.

The Handbook is meant to offer additional information and resources from the Evaluation Guide developed by Public Health Agencies of Canada – May 2011 (included as Appendix I). It is not intended to be a comprehensive resource rather it is meant to supplement the Evaluation Guide developed by Public Health Agencies of Canada – 2011. This booklet was developed to provide managers working with CAAN with a basic guide for the evaluation of projects. It is aimed at those who need to learn more about both what evaluation can do and how an evaluation is carried out by blending the evaluation framework recommended by PHAC and common sense to meet the specific needs of
CAAN’s community of practice.

In this regard, the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network has developed this Handbook to support the communities of practice in approaching evaluation in a more structured way. In addition, CAAN would like to see that evaluation becomes an integral part and occurs over the course of the program management and implementation rather than just at the close of projects.

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.