By Merv Thomas, Director National Programs/Communications

CAAN Expanded Mandate

We are pleased to announce that CAAN will be expanding its mandate to begin including other Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections (STBBIS), Hepatitis C (Hep C), Tuberculosis (TB), co-morbidities, aging and mental health.  Since the adoption of key resolutions by the membership at the last AGM, and the Board and Staff strategic planning sessions held in Winnipeg, in November of 2012, we have begun to plan, develop and implement the holistic model approach to these health issues into our work plans.

Through a multi-pronged approach, CAAN’s plans include in brief: updating our MOU’s with other national and regional organizations, researching, gathering and updating existing resources to make them culturally appropriate, and updating existing work plans to include this expanded mandate in the day to day work of CAAN.

Watch our Facebook and website for more information coming soon.

Community Readiness

The “Addressing Community Readiness and Implementing Culturally Appropriate Interventions” project was extended by PHAC until March 2014.  This project expanded its work to begin including STBBIs, Hep C, TB, aging and mental health.  The two key activities for this project includes: 1) updating existing resources and making them culturally appropriate and; 2) to continue training other front line health and social service providers on where they are in terms of addressing their community readiness and implementing culturally appropriate risk  intervention strategies.

CAAN has researched and reviewed various existing resources already been developed and plans are underway to update the resources to make them culturally appropriate.  More information and updates will be .

Inuit Five-Year Strategic Plan on Hep C, Kuujjuaq Quebec

I had the pleasure of representing CAAN at the Inuit 5-year Hep C Development strategy hosted by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, January 20-23, 2013 in Kuujjuaq, Quebec.  Over a period of three days, the strategy was developed through the collaboration of many stakeholders including CAAN, Public Health Agency of Canada, CATIE, Inuit Tapirit Kanatami, and other numerous organizations representing key stakeholders.

Key Priorities and Actions were identified and CAAN will work with Pauktuutit to ensure that the strategy is implemented.  Many of the key priorities and actions such as Awareness, Promotion, Prevention, Screening and Care, Surveillance and Research will be incorporated wherever relevant and will guide the work of CAAN as we address Hepatitis C.

This year, CAAN will develop and lead a national campaign during the Hepatitis C Awareness month this May.  “There is a need for targeted messages that resonate among different age groups and sub-groups of Inuit society and a need to raise awareness among frontline health providers.”  We will expand this work to include other Aboriginal groups across Canada.  To that end CAAN will work with our national steering committee to develop resources regarding Hep C.

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2012 (AAAW) 

Since the last newsletter, CAAN successfully delivered a national AAAW campaign.  This year, we saw an increase in media coverage as we worked towards “Getting To Zero.  Zero New Infections, Zero AIDS Related deaths, Zero Stigma and Discrimination”.  Through the development of various marketing materials; Four (4) posters, Public Service Announcements delivered by National Assembly of First Nations Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo and Honorable Leona Aglukak, Minister of Health, website, Facebook, and a national awareness campaign held in cities across Canada including Winnipeg, Halifax, Iqaluit, Regina, Toronto and Victoria, the national campaign was well received.

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CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.