By Merv Thomas, National Programs/Communications Manager

This past quarter has been very busy, finishing off reports for the last fiscal, attending meetings across the country, preparing for this year’s 15th Annual General Meeting and Skills Building to be held in Vancouver and working on the many different projects that CAAN is currently operating.


CAAN was invited to attend the HIV/AIDS: Impacts on APHA’s, Families and Communities, hosted by Harvey Michel, CAAN Board member and Carrie Martin, Holistic Health Coordinator at the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal (NWSM), which was held on May 22, 2013 at Centre St. Pierre, in Montreal, Quebec.

The event was well attended and it brought together leaders, stakeholders and special guests.  The most memorable moments were those where the families spoke of the impacts HIV and AIDS has had on their families.

Please read their report in the FROM THE COMMUNITY section in this newsletter.


Doris Peltier and the writer had the opportunity to attend Aboriginal HIV and AIDS strategies development meeting, which was held in Regina, Saskatchewan at the All Nations Hope AIDS Network offices on May 23rd, 2013.  This was an opportunity for leaders to come together to begin discussions on an Aboriginal provincial strategy, as well as population specific strategies within the province.  Their prayer is to provide the best support possible to people living with, vulnerable to and affected by HIV and AIDS, many of whom are relatives.

The Prince Albert Metis Women Association is developing an Aboriginal Women’s strategy, Prince Albert Grand Council will be developing a Youth Strategy, NITHA will be developing the Prenatal Strategy and All Nations Hope AIDS Network will be developing the provincial Aboriginal strategy.

CAAN was pleased to provide templates so that Saskatchewan did not have to ‘re-invent the wheel’, so to speak.  CAAN will be providing support wherever needed in this exciting venture!

New York

CAAN CEO and the International Indigenous Working Group Coordinator attended the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous issues and they worked hard to put HIV on the table at the UNPFII which ran from May 20-31, 2013.  Please read the report by Trevor Stratton.


Training for the Community Readiness project occurred in Toronto, and individual training sessions were undertaken throughout the province.  Please see the Community Readiness report submitted by Monique Fong and Edward Bennett.

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