Eagle flyingBy Merv Thomas, National Programs/Communications Manager


Welcome to our new and updated website, we hope you enjoy the new look and of course enjoy our many new materials and resources that have been recently updated and newly released. As we move on, we trust that this new site will meet your needs and that it will be easier for you to find materials and resources that will assist you.

CAAN Update

During the past few months, all staff and consultants at CAAN have been busy submitting all reporting to funders, preparing the evaluation reports and writing proposals. With that done, we can now commence on the work planned for this fiscal year.

It has been slightly stressful to work under the new guidelines and Federal Budget 2012; however, I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by our project supervisors.  A big thank you goes out to Sonia Hamel of the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Helene Bellemare of the First Nations Inuit Health Branch, for assisting us in this new process.  Many projects are still waiting for funding to be approved and for budgets to be released.

The main work of the First Quarter is updating and improving our website. We have heard many comments that we must improve our website and we thank you for your patience as we undertook the task of the construction of the new and improved website.

Check out all our hard work at: www.caan.ca

Leadership Project

This project is currently on hold as CAAN awaits funding approval for this project.

International Indigenous Working Group on HIV and AIDS

This project is currently on hold as well as we wait for funding to be approved and released.


Our quarterly newsletter will be available online, through e-zine and limited print.  CAAN is going green and will focus on our website and social network presence.  There will be limited quantities in print.

We welcome contributors to our newsletters and if you have anything you wish to share, please contact our office at 604-266-7616 or e-mail mervt@caan.ca.

Website update

We have finally updated our website and the official launch will be held in June. We hope you find the new layout and new information helpful for your needs.

CAAN continues to make changes and improvements and comments and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Nominate Someone

It is that time of the year once again to nominate that special individual or organization and honor their work in the field of Aboriginal HIV and AIDS. The Aboriginal HIV and AIDS Honoring Ceremonies & Awards will take place on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 during our Cultural and sharing ceremonies in at the Marriott Courtyard Toronto, Ontario.

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network is requesting your help in recognizing Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs), Aboriginal AIDS Services Organizations (AASO’s), and Aboriginal communities who have demonstrated outstanding and commendable service to the Aboriginal AIDS movement in Canada. 

Nominations may be submitted by anyone who wants to recognize the achievements of fellow individuals, families and/or organizations in the areas of: 

  • Social/Political/ Community Action
  • Holistic Wellness Promotion/Harm Reduction
  • Young Eagles Award
  • Trailblazers Award (Innovative programs and services)
  • & the Lifetime Legacy Award

Nominees who are selected will be given an award during the banquet at the CAAN annual general meeting in September 2012, Toronto, Ontario.

Deadline for nominations is July 27th, 2012 4 pm PST. Selections will be made by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network AGM Planning Committee.

Please go to our website and download the nomination form or you may find one at the end of this newsletter. 

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.