toolkitBy Merv Thomas, National Programs Communications Manager

The National Aboriginal Toolkit has finally been completed! This is a resource that may be used by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities

The purpose of the HIV Prevention Toolkit and associated training for Aboriginal Communities is to better inform and serve Aboriginal people in the public health area of HIV and AIDS. The National Toolkit brings together all relevant documents into one toolkit to aid communities of practice within CAAN to have access to timely and culturally relevant materials. The documents include: posters, pamphlets, CDs, booklets, and many other culturally appropriate materials. With this resource it is the hope of the project that it would enhance the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, skills, and abilities of front-line HIV educators, community leaders, and other agents of change as they pertain to HIV and AIDS prevention among Aboriginal people.

The toolkit includes the following:

1. Section One includes four different strategies which include the following; 1) Aboriginal Strategy on HIV and AIDS in Canada (ASHAC II); 2) National Aboriginal Youth Strategy on HIV and AIDS in Canada (NAYSHAC); 3) Environments of Nurturing Safety (EONS); 4) International Indigenous Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS.
2. Section Two includes the Leadership Project.
3. Section Three includes key CAAN documents
4. Section Four: Community Readiness
5. Section Five: Testing
6. Section Six: Prisons
7. Section Seven: Research
It is hoped that with this resource that Aboriginal communities may begin to implement their own strategies within their regions to join in the global effort to lower the trends of HIV and AIDS.

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.