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Research Proposal Development Program

The purpose of the Research Proposal Development Program is to assist communities, organizations, and students interested in carrying out a research project, but who do not have the resources (human and/or financial) to prepare a proposal. The proposal that is crafted using AHA Centre funds should be submitted by the community/group or student to another research funding organization for consideration. 

There is no deadline for grant submission.   

The AHA Centre has allocated $20,000 annually to fund CBR proposal development for local, regional and national-level community-based, multi-disciplinary, intersectoral HIV research projects. Research teams can apply for up to $5,000 each.

If you require anymore information regarding the Research Proposal Development Program please contact Marni Amirault at marnia@caan.ca or Sherri Pooyak at sherrip@caan.ca

Research Proposal Development Program Introduction


Application form (missing link)


Reporting Requirements

Final Report Form (missing link)


PAW Den Policy statement Final 2011 – A word version is available upon request

Principles of Research Collaboration 2013 – Final – A word version is available upon request.

Please email Patrick Brownlee at patrickb@caan.ca should you require the word version.

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