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Research Proposal Development Program

The purpose of the Research Proposal Development Program is to assist communities, organizations, and students interested in carrying out a research project, but who do not have the resources (human and/or financial) to prepare a proposal. The proposal that is crafted using AHA Centre funds should be submitted by the community/group or student to another research funding organization for consideration. 

There is no deadline for grant submission.   

The AHA Centre has allocated $20,000 annually to fund CBR proposal development for local, regional and national-level community-based, multi-disciplinary, intersectoral HIV research projects. Research teams can apply for up to $5,000 each.

If you require anymore information regarding the Research Proposal Development Program please contact Marni Amirault at or Sherri Pooyak at

Research Proposal Development Program Introduction



Reporting Requirements


PAW Den Policy statement Final 2011 – A word version is available upon request

Principles of Research Collaboration 2013 – Final – A word version is available upon request.

Please email Patrick Brownlee at should you require the word version.

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