By Marni Amirault

When I came to CAAN, I had finished a Masters of Arts in Anthropology which focused on Aboriginal filmmaking and media. It was my hope that I would be able to bring to my skill and knowledge set to my role at CAAN. Interest in Arts-based research is growing in our community, and as a result, I have been able to do just that! Fast forward four years, and Knowledge Translation has become one of the four focuses of the AHA Centre. We are working hard to develop the skills and knowledge we need to be a leader in KT.

  • Visible Voices is a network of people from the international community who use participatory video and photography techniques to explore experiences and perceptions of everyday

life, health and wellbeing. I was invited to participate in this project as part of Visioning Health (VH) and worked closely with the VH women offering technical support on a short film that they created. We are working together on a grant submission to further this work. To view the video got to:

  • Strong Homes Stable Families as a collaborator on this project, I am part of the facilitation team that walks participants through the creation of their own Digital Story (in this case on APHAs’ cultural perceptions of home and safe housing). To date, we have completed two (Victoria and Toronto) of our four workshops. We have upcoming workshops in Regina and Fredericton this year.
  • Montreal Native Women’s Shelter I am currently part of a team working with the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter on a video about female condoms. I will co-edit this film.
  • Decolonizing Methodologies As a member of this team, I have assisted in a scoping review of literature, met regularly with the team and participated in a video that discusses identity politics in research from Aboriginal, African, Caribbean, Black and allied researcher perspectives. See our videos on YouTube:
  • Canadian Medical Association Course Working with the CTN and MUNN, I helped develop content for an on-line, accredited teaching module for physicians who work in rural and/or remote communities and have an Aboriginal clientele. (
  • AHA Centre & RPU website Recognizing the importance of our presence on the web, we are starting to ramp up efforts in this area. Stay tuned!

Committee Membership

  • Ontario HIV Treatment Network Aboriginal Research Day: (Planning Committee) This planning committee brings Aboriginal and Allied researchers together in Ontario to work with the OHTN to establish culturally appropriate supports for Aboriginal-led HIV and AIDS CBR in Ontario. The first meeting of researchers was held in November, following OHTN’s annual conference. We are set to meet again to continue this work on March 31, 2014.
  • Atlantic Core CBR Team I have been invited to meet with this team, hosted by AIRN and the REACH Collaborative Centre for Research. Researchers come together to discuss research in the Atlantic region, offering one another support, ideas and collaboration.
  • REACH Aboriginal Program of Research I have been a member of the APOR since its inception in 2010. 

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.