Since time immemorial and before contact, our nations had their own governance systems; governance systems that were grounded within community approaches and that privileged the voice of the people in all decision making.  If one were to envision what these governance systems looked like, you may very well think of it as being within a circular model, premised on the belief that ‘within the circle, we are all equal’. The CAAN APHA Caucus has adopted such a model. This model was shared to the CAAN APHA National Caucus at the 2013 CAAN Annual General Meeting.  The model is also reflective of the broadened mandate of CAAN in placing the APHA Caucus as the central fire in order to keep HIV as core in the work of CAAN.  The development of this holistic model was introduced at the 2012 CAAN Strategic Planning meeting, at which time, it was also suggested by APHAs that CAAN move forward within the broadened mandate through the ‘lens of HIV’ alongside STBBIs, Hepatitis C, HIV and Aging, Tuberculosis, Mental Health and HIV and related Co-morbidities.

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.