Marni Amirault

We hosted a workshop at the CAAN AGM and Skills Building in Montreal, June 2016 called “I’ve been invited to a research team, so now what?” The workshop was meant to give people who had never participated on a research grant as part of a research team an idea of what they could expect. This was the first time this workshop had been held, but we are presenting a condensed version of it again in Montreal, at the Community meeting co-hosted by The Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal and COCQ-SIDA in October. For those seeking more information about this conference, you can contact Carrie Martin at the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal:

We hosted a summer student near the end of summer for a one-week internship. Christina Gorman is an undergraduate student at U of T. Her internship with CAAN allowed her to meet with several staff members as well as some of our local colleagues like Julie Thomas, Director at Healing Our Nations and Dr. Audrey Steenbeek who is cross-appointed at Dalhousie University’s departments of nursing and Epidemiology. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to make Christina’s internship a productive and educational one!

Grant writing season is upon us! Most recently, the AHA Centre has helped Shining Mountains prepare a planning grant that went into CIHR. We also recently submitted a grant to the WaakebinessBryce Institute for Indigenous Health that, if funded this grant will help us begin to learn about land-based research. This grant application was led by one our Community Research Associates, Renée Monchalin, she was a big help in getting the submission in! We also continue to support the existing research teams we are a part of.

Currently, The AHA Centre is helping to prepare two Operating Grants for submission to CIHR for CAAN. The first submission will help us understand GIPA wholistically through a First People’s worldview by creating an expanded, culturally relevant model of GIPA and assessing how leadership impacts the health and wellbeing of APHAs.

Recognizing the importance of culturally relevant research methodologies, the AHA Centre and CAAN’s Research and Policy Unit are interested submitting a grant that will help us to explore working with Elders in a good way, support a land-based training event with allied (non-Indigenous) researchers and explore ways to incorporate culture into participatory research analysis on research teams.

As some of you may know, the AHA Centre is now in its final year of funding. In conversations with CIHR, we have been assured that there will be a call launched very soon for another 5 years of funding for two Collaborative Centres – one in the Aboriginal stream and one in the mainstream. Although we are well positioned to be refunded, we have also been informed that this next competition will be an open call, so our success, of course, is not guaranteed. The AHA Centre Governing Council will be meeting via teleconference once the call for proposals has been launched and in November in person to help with the planning and writing of this next application.

We see a lot of grant writing over the course of this fall. Wish us luck with our submissions!

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.