By Ken Clement

Hello All,

We will soon enjoy summer with fun in the sun, time with family and cultural gatherings across Canada. Gatherings will highlight the social and cultural connection to family and community. Have fun as you participate in many different activities with your families.

Staff has been busy planning for future funding from the Community action Fund (CAF) from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). We will find out in several weeks what needs to be completed as we move the Indigenous HIV agenda forward. You will be called upon to assist in the development of the proposal, you will be kept posted. One of the key elements in the plan is to ensure that Aboriginal Peoples are provided equitable resources for healthy communities.

Plans are underway as we prepare for the World AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa. IIWGHA sponsors a two day Pre Conference to show Indigenous work in Indigenous communities around the world.

We will also be working toward the 18th Annual General Meeting. The theme “Honouring Indigenous Women and Children with Respect” reflects on the need to recognize the important role of women in our families and communities.

In April we attended AccolAIDS sponsored by Living Positive BC, which honours advocates and supporters in the HIV movement in BC. A notable presence of Indigenous People who were nominated in various categories: Sandy Lambert (Social/Political/Community Action), Preston Leon (Youth Leader), Kecia Larkin (Social/Political/Community Action), Rodney Little Mustache (Social/Political/Community Action). Congratulations to Kecia Larkin (People’s Choice Award), Preston Leon /William Flett (Youth Leader Award) and Yuusnewas – YouthCO (Innovative Policy, Programs and Services).

I want to acknowledge the dedicated commitment and professionalism of staff in their respective roles as they represent CAAN at many meetings.

As you know Doris Peltier and Trevor Stratton will be relinquishing their roles as APHA Liaisons. Our sincere appreciation for their leadership and for making sure that APHA voices have been heard.

Enjoy the summer with family and friends!!

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.