Welcome to the new CAAN website, we hope you enjoy the new look and the incredible new and updated information. CAAN has been working diligently on behalf of Aboriginal people Living with HIV and AIDS, Aboriginal AIDS Service Organizations and its partners on many fronts. We are proud of the incredible work that was completed for the Aboriginal front line health and social service providers that work with and for Aboriginal people. The National Aboriginal Toolkit, the Community Readiness Project and all of the other resources that were created will assist Aboriginal communities make their own plans and strategize how their own organizations and communities will respond to HIV and AIDS issues in a culturally appropriate manner. The four strategies, the Aboriginal Strategy for Aboriginal People in Canada (ASHAC II), the National Aboriginal Youth Strategy for HIV and AIDS in Canada (NAYSHAC), the Environments of Nurturing Safety (EONS) and the International Indigenous Strategy on HIV and AIDS (2011 – 2017) all provide objectives and activities that communities may adopt as they implement their own culturally appropriate interventions. There is an incredible amount of work planned for this fiscal year for CAAN and its vast networks. In July, CAAN will attend the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC. As the chair of the International Working Group on HIV and AIDS, CAAN has demonstrated its strong leadership on the international stage. This year, we were proud that one of the IIWGHA members was selected to sit on the IAC committee for Washington, DC. Through her leadership, Marama Pala, was able to promote that Indigenous issues deserve a place on the IAC conferences. CAAN’s AGM and Skills building 2012 will be held in Toronto, Ontarios, this year. Check out the links on the Events menu for the latest information. Please come back often to check for updates and new materials. We have tried to make it easy for you to navigate through the website and we look forward to your feedback and comments. Please be kind. If you would like to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, contact our office and you will be added to the mailing list. All my relations, Merv

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.