Patrick Brownlee – Executive Research Assistant

Wise Practices V was held in Vancouver, BC this past July on the beautiful unceded territory of the Coast Salish people. After months of planning everyone arrived in Vancouver for the CAAN Skills Building, AGM, and Wise Practices V gathering. The week was filled from start to finish with a variety of Plenaries, workshops, focus groups, and Team Meetings. The Policy and Research Unit helped to plan consultations with project Coordinators for HEPC, Aging, and Family Matters as well as making sure things ran smoothly throughout the event. Although the week was long and tiring everyone seems to have positive feedback about the event which will fuel us to for the next coming months until the planning for Wise Practices VI starts.

Stable Homes, Strong Families
(Co-Coordinated by Allyson Ion from Mc Master University)
After all the data collection for the Stable Homes Strong Families project had ended some of the research team had decided to start coding the materials leading up to an in person meeting in Ontario to continue coding the data together at a 4 day retreat. During the retreat we were able to come together and finish coding the transcripts and develop themes to go away with and start the writing process. Keep an eye out for the finished report to come out next year.

CAAN 17th Annual General Meeting

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) held its 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Workshops at the Marttiot Pinnacle Downtown Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia from July 12th – 18th 2015. The three-day CAAN gathering takes care of corporate business and also offers an opportunity for the Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS (APHA) group to meet and set their direction as well, along with keynote addresses and 12 concurrent Skills Building Workshops.

The APHA Caucus meeting, AGM, and Skills Building Workshops offer a good opportunity to communicate with funders, members, partners and other interested parties. This year CAAN held two consecutive events, the AGM as well as the Wise Practises IV Conference with our research team.

The AGM and the Skills Building Workshops, as well as the Wise Practices Conference, increases knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS and other related communicable diseases among First Nations people, Inuit and Métis people, frontline service providers and other stakeholders through different mechanisms such as strategies to address HIV/AIDS in a culturally relevant manner.  In addition, the AGM and the Skills Building Workshops enhanced the engagement and collaboration with approaches to address HIV/AIDS and other related communicable diseases for First Nations, Inuit and Métis and Indigenous peoples regionally, nationally and internationally.

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.