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CAAN added the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) to its mandate in 2012 and HAS:

1.Informed the creation of a National Hepatitis C Blueprint in partnership with the CanHepC – Canadian Network on Hepatitis C

2. Created two fact sheets that will assist in the diagnosis, treatment and care for Indigenous people living with or with lived experience of HCV. ( LINK TO CAAN WEBSITE RESOURCES)

In recognition of World Hepatitis Awareness Day 2021, CAAN has made four commitments


  1. Work towards eliminating HCV in Canada by 2030, with an Indigenous focus;
  2. Using an Indigenous worldview that centres ceremony and culture in all of our work.
  3. Operationalize an Indigenous approach to the HCV journey from diagnosis to treatment in a wholistic manner through programming that is informed by HCV-targeted research.
  4. Continue to demonstrate Indigenous leadership and prioritize Indigenous ways of knowing and doing.