Alcohol Use by APHAs and Access to Care and Treatment

Title: Alcohol Use by Aboriginal Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and its association with access to care and treatment


The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that in the parts of Canada that document ethnicity with positive test reports, in 2008 Aboriginal peoples accounted for approximately 8% of persons living with HIV and 12% of all new HIV infections, despite comprising only 6.9% of that population. (PHAC, 2010)

Previous research undertaken by CAAN revealed reports by APHAs that perceptions of health care professionals who assume a tendency to alcohol and drug abuse in their Aboriginal clients, lead APHAs to only seek health services in extreme circumstances. (Jackson, R., & Reimer, G., 2005, February)


The purpose of this grant proposal is to undertake research exploring the association between alcohol use and access to services from the perspectives of APHAs and service providers using a mixed methodology approach. The interrelated objectives are:

(1) To determine the impact of alcohol use and/or perception of alcohol use on access to services by Aboriginal persons living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs);

(2) To document the extent to which service needs are being enhanced or compromised for APHAs who use alcohol or are perceived to be using alcohol;

(3) To identify and discuss deficiencies in the provisions of services in the context of substance use; and (4) To develop policy and/or practice recommendations based on the findings.

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