Assessing Community Readiness

Many Aboriginal communities continue to be at a loss on to how to develop strategies and implement culturally appropriate interventions that address HIV and AIDS issues within their communities, in particular those that reduce harm. This project promotes knowledge sharing of wise practices and will assist communities assess and begin to implement their own culturally appropriate interventions. The tools and models shared will influence policies and assist communities to improve and/or increase culturally appropriate HIV and AIDS prevention interventions and services; with the ultimate goal on lowering the trends of the HIV and AIDS epidemic among Aboriginal people.

This project will achieve this through the following:

  1. To increase capacity and knowledge of wise practices on implementing culturally appropriate HIV and AIDS prevention interventions. This project will accomplish this by promoting the ‘how to’ manual and ‘lessons learned’ from CAAN’s previous year’s pilot project experience of the “Walk With Me: Pathways to Health Service Delivery Model“;
  2. To Increase capacity of national Aboriginal organizations to carry out culturally appropriate prevention interventions within their communities. This will be accomplished by utilizing the tools and models developed by CAAN, namely the, “Assessing Community Readiness Model”, “Walk With Me: Service Delivery Model”, “DVD” and “Implementation Guide”.

CAAN is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updates.