The JIHR is a peer-reviewed journal which welcomes contributions from any author. Priority, however, may be given to an author of Indigenous ancestry/background, should manuscripts of comparable quality be available. First consideration will be given to innovative articles covering areas identified as HIV/AIDS research-intensive, demonstrating the use of community-based research (CBR) methods and/or philosophy.

Articles published in the JIHR are directed toward several audiences. The primary audience is Indigenous HIV/AIDS service organizations and Indigenous people living with HIV and AIDS (IPHAs). The JIHR secondary audiences include community leaders, policy and decision-makers, and anyone interested in HIV/AIDS, particularly within Indigenous populations and communities.

Published annually by CAAN/AHA Centre since 2006,
Articles go through a double-blinded peer review process.

Journal Policies, Information, and Templates

Policies to Guide Article Submission, Review and Publication Format
Manuscript Release Form and License to Publish Form
Policy on Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Declaration Form
Policies and Responsibilities of Members of the JIHR Peer Review Board
Reviewer Assessment Form
Title Page Template for Article Submission
Detailed Manuscript Formatting Policies/Style Guide

Past Issues of the Journal

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JIHR Volume 12 – Capacity Bridging


Navigating Allyship: What does it mean to work together in service to the community?

Volume 11: Soft Launch

List of Contributors

  • Amrita Ahluwalia
  • Yvon Allard
  • Marni Amirault
  • Linda Archibald
  • Lisa Armstrong
  • Jean Bacon
  • Kevin Barlow
  • Kerrigan Beaver
  • Tsegaye Bekele
  • Anita C. Benoit
  • Adam Beswick
  • Ryan Brennan
  • Steve Byers
  • Marie-Noëlle Caron
  • Amy Campbell McGee
  • Meck Chongo
  • Hugh Dale-Harris
  • Jessica Danforth
  • Tiegan Daniels
  • Coleen Anne Dell
  • Rachel Derr
  • Cate Dewey
  • Serge Djossa Adoun
  • James Dunn
  • Nancy Edwards
  • John P. Egan
  • Sarah Flicker
  • Marie-Pierre Gagnon
  • Saara Greene
  • Nancy Gros-Louis McHugh
  • Dale Guente
  • Donna M. Hill
  • Ross Hoffman
  • Stephen Hwang
  • Allyson Ion
  • ​Randy Jackson
  • Oren Jalon
  • Pascal Jauffret
  • Sharon Jinkerson-Brass
  • Christine Johnston
  • Alecia Kallos
  • Louanne Keenan
  • Alexandra King
  • Malcolm King
  • Ruth Koleszar- Green
  • Erin Konsmo
  • Jay Koornstra
  • Donna L.M. Kurtz
  • Nathan Lachowsky
  • Sandra Laframbiose
  • Denise Lambert
  • Andrea Langlois
  • June Larkin
  • Kecia Larkin
  • Josée G. Lavoie
  • David Lee
  • Doreen Littlejohn
  • Charlotte Loppie
  • Mona Loutfy
  • Chris Macklin
  • Renée Masching
  • Kim McKay-McNabb
  • Ryan Meili
  • Judy Mill
  • Claudia Mitchell
  • LaVerne Monette
  • Cheryl Morris
  • Ted Myers
  • Archie Myran
  • Viviane Namaste
  • ​Valerie Nicholson
  • Earl Nowgesic
  • Doe O’Brien-Teengs
  • Scott D. Oddie
  • Vanessa Oliver
  • Lisa Passante
  • Mike Patterson
  • Positive Health Places team
  • Positive Spaces Healthy Places team
  • Tracey Prentice
  • José A. Pruden
  • Quinn Quinn
  • Jamie Reschny
  • Jean-Paul Restoule
  • Christina Ricci
  • Janice Ristock
  • Sean B. Rourke
  • Bernard Roy
  • Gabe Saulnier
  • Payam Sazegar
  • Mamdouh Shubair
  • Christine Smillie-Adjarkwa
  • Michael Sobota
  • Sandra Stack
  • Raye St. Denys
  • Audrey Steenbeek
  • Lyanna Storm
  • Catherine Taylor
  • Cliff Thomas
  • Robb Travers
  • David Tu
  • Ruthann Tucker
  • Jennifer Vanderschaeghe
  • Ken Ward
  • Ciann Wilson
  • Gina Wong-Wylie
  • Art Zoccole