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Know Your Rights

CAAN Communities Alliances & Networks have partnered with HIV Legal Network and produced new legal resources.

‘Know Your Rights’ dives into legal questions if you are Indigenous and living with HIV/HCV.

Indigenous peoples living with HIV are at risk of discrimination and violence within federal prisons. This resource answers questions like:

Will I be able to meet an Elder in prison?

What is the difference between a CSC-run and a Section 81 healing lodge?

What happens if my HIV or HCV status is shared without my permission?

As a person living with HIV/AIDS you have a right to your privacy. This resource explains your rights to privacy and confidentiality while living with HIV.

This resource answers different questions depending on where you are (examples: post-secondary institutions, workplaces and healthcare settings.

Other questions include:

Can I be sued for lying on a medical form about my HIV status?

Do I have to tell my employer about my HIV status?

If I get tested for HIV, will my name be recorded?