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Men’s Health Week a Message from the Spotted Eagle Society

A Message from the Spotted Eagle Society

Indigenous Men’s National Advisory Committee Within CAAN

Men’s Health Week 2022

The Spotted Eagle Society is a National Indigenous Men’s advisory committee within Communities, Alliances, & Networks (CAAN). One of our objectives is to give a voice to Indigenous men and boys across Canada towards centering and living their best cultural lives.

The name Spotted Eagle Society was founded from the eagle itself. The white spots representing the bruises and scars Indigenous Men develop through the years of being Indigenous on this land we now know as Canada. Even though we go through everyday battles, we continue to move forward with strength and honor, like the spotted eagle.

The Spotted Eagle Society addresses health for Indigenous Men on a national forum wholistically through an HIV & AIDS lens. This week it is Men’s Health Week across the world, and we want to acknowledge the importance for a man to look after his well-being in all aspects of his/him life emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. We want to give a positive message to our Indigenous Brothers across this land. Looking after your health and wellbeing is one of the biggest aspects of your life. If you have no health, there is no you.

There are certain things you can do and change in your everyday life through an Indigenous lens to be a “better you”. We can shoot for the stars, but we can also start doing the small things. Some examples can be taking the stairs and not the elevator at work or being aware of what you consume in your body. Physical checkups with your doctors regularly to watch your body.

Start thinking that it is okay to be vulnerable and challenge the concept that “men don’t cry”. Surround yourself with loved ones and individuals that encourage you to be a better you. Going for small walks, playing your favorite music, or talking to friends & family for the mental state.

Start thinking it is the right way to be a supportive father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and husband. Taking care of our loved ones the way, our warrior ancestors did long ago. Taking the time to sit down with knowledge keepers and elders to learn our traditional practices. Attend traditional ceremonies to bring balance to your home fire and yourself. Smudge regularly and thank the Creator for a new day.

Start taking care of it and it will start taking care of you. Remember brothers, you only get “one you” in this lifetime.