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Wise Practices & Skills Building Gathering XIII May 17-19, 2022

The Wise Practices & Skills Building Gathering XII will be held on May 17 – 19 at the Fairmont Winnipeg, providing an opportunity for Indigenous peoples living with HIV, HCV and STBBI, Indigenous and allied community-based researchers, health care workers, policy makers, students and more to share wise and promising Community Based Research (CBR), project and programming practices, and our knowledge. Hosted by CAAN Communities, Alliances & Networks and the AHA Centre in partnership with the Feast Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research, it will create opportunities for members of our diverse delegation to learn from one another as we celebrate and build relationships across cultures and traditions, languages and disciplines. The objectives for the Gathering are: ~To increase uptake and application of research findings in policy, programming and practice. ~To share program-related initiatives. ~To increase the number of community-based researchers with knowledge of Indigenous CBR design and data analysis available to conduct HIV and AIDS and/or HCV and STBBI research in Indigenous communities. ~To increase opportunities for knowledge sharing and the scale-up of effective programming in response to issues related to Indigenous Peoples and HIV, HCV and/or STBBI. 150 in-person delegates are expected, as well as a national virtual audience. Registration for the gathering and more information may be found here.
For questions or to book an interview, please contact the Event Manager: Jodi Rodriguez, CMP, DES Eleven Events Event Management 306.529.3222